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2 Month Countdown…Possibly Sooner?

A little over 2 months now before I won’t have to make the daily commute into work any longer. These past two weekends while Backpacking at Dolly Sods, WV and bacchanalian bachelor’s party in Las Vegas, NV has given me a taste that there really is more to life than this 9-5 lifestyle. I’m so excited for the day I no longer have to wake up at 7AM.

If you read my last post, My Resignation Notice and Other News, I will gone by the end of October and with the possibility of taking off earlier than that. There has been news bubbling of bringing on a replacement for a part time basis. The good thing is he/she has worked with the company before and familiar with all the systems, making for a smoother transition and possibly quicker substitution. Whether this will knock me down to a part-time position or none at all, it’s completely fine with me. I still patiently await my fate but every day grow ever more excited to start a new life stage.

Something that has kept me at the job longer than it should have is money. I was originally going to finish out 2016 so that all of my student loans would be paid off. However, I realize that it’s not a good work environment for me and I could be starting my entrepreneurial endeavors earlier if I left. If you missed it, I was forced to reveal that I would be leaving the company so I will still have unpaid debt. However, this is a turn for the better because I know I can succeed out there if I go hard at it.

If I managed to survive with more than $100,000 debt before, there’s no issue that I can see if I have to deal with less than that.

Location Rebel

We just had our meeting this past week with a new mastermind group I joined up with. The members were really nice and dedicated. We did our small introductions and got housekeeping items out of the way to see how the group would run. I only got to meet half of the group so I’m hoping to meet the other half soon.

In other news, I’ve finished by business SEO article writing website. It’s now up with 4 articles and ready to go. I’m excited for next week to start getting leads from SEO companies and gigs that I can work on. I’ve been busy with Las Vegas and the West Virginia backpacking trip the past 2 weeks so didn’t get a chance to launch off properly. Now renewed and rested, I’m hoping to do more in the coming weeks.

In Other News

Paypal Panel showing my sale

On eBay dropshipping news, I sold my fourth item on August 16th for $91.99 and made a $14.87 profit! I feel like I should be devoting more time to list items on eBay but I’ve just been so busy with everything else. I will try to add one or two items a day and hopefully that will build up over time.

On life news, I sold one of my kayaks for $350 this week and excited to be moving closer to the nomadic life. I’m hoping to have another yard sale soon and see what other goods I can get some nice change for.

On travel plans, I want to visit at least 4 countries in 2017. A tentative plan is January-April in Medellin, April-July in Bulgaria, July-September in unplanned country, and September-December in Chiang Mai. I’ll have to do more research about each country and hacking some of my travel plans.

I’m also very excited for the release of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card opening up soon. Though it’s a hefty $4,000 spending in 3 months, you stand to earn 100,000 points. Yup, you read that right and it comes with many other perks. Set to release on August 21st (hey, that’s today), I’m still on the fence if I should grab it or not. I don’t know if I can justify that level of spending in the next 3 months but then again I have been spending a lot of money anyways. Perhaps I’ll see what big purchases I have so I can ring it up. Here are some previews from Travel is Free and Extra Pack Of Peanuts.

I also can’t wait for Divi 3.0 to release in 17 days. This page builder framework has been in my repertoire for the past 6 months and I still feel I have not even taken full advantage of it yet. However with 3.0, there’s many pleasant features that will help building website so much easier including editing what you see on screen instead of having to open up boxes to edit text and hit save. I’ve watch the second sneak peak video and I have to say I’m really impressed. Here’s yet another little thing that makes me excited.

Last but not least, I’ve migrated The Travel Trigger to a Bluehost Plus account I already had for another business. I was a complete NOOBIE in not knowing that you can host multiple websites if you have a plus account for free. So I ended up getting a pro-rated refund for $104.83 back for hosting on a basic account! Freaking sweet! It was a long an arduous process in learning to migrate the files and database from the old hosting website to the plus account. I used 4 main articles to help assist me: Host multiple domains and websites with Bluehost no extra fee, Add additional domains to bluehostHow to migrate a wordpress siteHow to manually migrate a wordpress site. I would still recommend having a backup system in place like All-in-One WP Migration or Updraft Plus (both of which are paid).

Some cool things I’ve seen:

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One of the most useful takeaway is to get a flipbelt, sandals, and power strip. They would be super useful on the road.

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One of the strongest articles I’ve read in some time. I really enjoy the deep conversations the blogger opens up.

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Unfortunately, United is stopping this kind of travel hacking after October 21st! Get on it now.