My progress towards lifestyle nomadism:

I had 2 different google hangouts with folks from the Digital Business Business Mastermind. I met 2 others on the first day and 3 others on the second meet. The value was tremendous even though the meet was quite short. I believe sometimes you just need others that have a very similar belief to you so that you can stay motivated and accountable. I will not fall victim to idleness and negative thinking.

The meetings went extremely well. I’ve meet people mostly stateside but plotting their escape too. There are some out there already hustling and telling me some of the struggles they face. I was discouraged at first but I know hard I can work so I re-framed it.

Some of the most useful things I’ve learned from others is how they think and it was very motivating. We also ran across a lot of useful links and tools you can find online. I’m so excited to continue having regular weekly meets!