General News

Hey Hey everyone!

I really don’t think they are going to let me off early. I’ll probably be in corporate until my last day of October 28th. My boss has told me that they are no longer externally posting the position and will look internally. This is absurd because it’s not that big of a company and 2/3 of the industry is about medical related products, not stocked with pharmacists all around.

Man in a suit standing on sidewalk

The bigger scheme is probably not to rehire anyone at all and leave only 2 main pharmacists in the building. That’s going to be quite a challenge since the workload has been up and down. Not to mention that my responsibilities have not been transferred even 1% yet. We’ll just have to see what happens.

I don’t mind too much as it will put a bigger dent into my student loans and I do have over 10 vacation days left. Here come the 3 day weekends for me! 🙂

Chase Sapphire Reserve

I got my card last Friday and I’m super excited! They shipped it to me in a big UPS envelope and set it overnight for me. I guess they want me to spend money as soon as possible right?

Anyways, I was saving up some purchases and finally getting a chance to charge it to the card. So I did notice they charged the $450 annual fee and $75 authorized user card right away, which was smart. However, I did recoup $300 right away as I had a travel purchase that I had saved.


The card feels the exact same quality build as the Sapphire Preferred. With the hefty metallic weight, I felt like a credit card champ. I’m trying to ration my spending but I do have a big purchase I’m doing next month which will really be cool! Stay tuned.

If you want to learn more about it, I would recommend checking out The Points Guy. He has a ton of articles about it and all its perks!

 eDropshipping News

I got my 6th sale on my store! I think I’ll stop tracking after 10 because it’s going to be redundant. In the meantime, I have a goal of posting at least 1 item a day so I can grow my business. This week I’ve actually managed to do 15 already since Monday. It did help that Monday was Labor day and I actually took a vacation today off. Other weeks it might be more challenge…but let’s rock!

My limit was also increased to 270 items or $13,500. That’s a lot of items to post since I’m only currently 57 total. Now you understand why I want to get back into it.

Location Rebel News

Not much to report here. I’m still writing articles for Blogmutt and that’s about it. It was funny how I was writing an article today and when I went to submit, the company took down the topic; effectively nullifying my submission. Guess I’ll use it for an SEO sample or for another company.

The mastermind group is going well as people are participating in the google document. However, I did miss the last meeting on Monday which I feel REALLY ashamed. I should be able to make it to the next one!

I’m also taking some time to look over the Beginner’s Blueprint again to catch whatever I might have missed. It’s a pretty enjoyable read and I’m already half way through. It’s inspiring for me to read it over and validate that I’m on the right path of where my business is going.

On another note, I really do enjoy writing for Blogmutt. It was difficult at first to get into the team but now I really like all the perks. Writing more articles will net you more points to level up. Higher levels grant you access to higher paying articles! I also absolutely love the no deadline policy! I just write when I want to and not forced to commit to a certain amount of articles per week. This is a godsend since I am busy on some days more than others with my corporate job.

Divi 3.0

Last but not least, the new Divi 3.0 update came out! I’m really stoked about this one because it has a new visual editor which really helps for typing blogs. Changes are made instantly instead of having to deal with those blocky panels that you have to click and edit. I’m currently writing this blog on it right now and I LOVE it!

Divi 3.0 Visual Editor

I also plan to use it to write my Path Notes guide for people who are new to the digital nomad lifestyle. It’s going to be such a game changer because I don’t have to repeatedly deal with those block panels.

I’ll let you know how Divi 3.0 goes as I learn more!

Want to see how it looks on my screen? Check out the demo.

Some cool things I’ve seen:

Priority Pass Club

One of the many perks of the Chase Sapphire Reserve! Can’t wait!

Medellin Columbia by New York Times

This is an awesome video to prelude for 2017!

Nap Time! More Airports Are Testing Out Sleeping Pods

This is a godsend for power nappers like me!