It is 2016 soon
So where has this journey taken me so far? In my little sphere of consciousness, I’ve already signed up for a Chase Sapphire Credit Card. I just got my application validity letter from Chase wanting to double check that the applications was mine.

I feel that’s is proper procedure since credit scores are affected when they check. Here are the sequences of events: applied on December 15th, their letter dated December 18th, the letter arrived in my hands around December 26th, called them on the 28th to confirm that it is a valid application. Now they will send me the card within 7 days! Can’t wait to go on a shopping spree. Haha

From an email of Making It Anywhere, Mish recommends just getting STARTED on trying to make money on the side. There’s never as much of a good time as now. You simply need to become more skillful and marketing those skills. I’ve just signed up for Upwork and Fiverr. Let’s see what’s out there… ­čÖé

Some other useful tips from the email:
-Don’t quit your job just yet, find a way to make money on the side first.
-Save up at least 6 months of living expenses.
-Whittle down all your belongings immediately.
-Stop reading blog posts about the fabulous digital nomad lifestyle that awaits you.
-Let go of the friends who trample on your dreams.
-Whittle down more of your stuff, and work even harder.
-Don’t worry about the end goal…yet. Just figure out what skill to sell, and sell it.