Airplane flying at sunrise

Sometimes, immersion is the best way to go. In this post and subsequent posts, I will take my learning and take notesĀ to make them as useful as quickly as possible.

Video 1 – Intro To EPoP
It is not expensive to travel and often the most common excuse. However, the most expensive cost is often airfare. Travis Sherry of EPOP goes into 3 videos to mitigate that.
Video 2: The 3 Best Tools To Finding The Cheapest Flights…everytime!
Video 3: 4 Myths of Frequent Flyer Miles
Video 4: Get 3 Vacations for the price of 1

Video 2 – The 3 Best Tools To Finding the Cheapest Flights…everytime!
Resource 1: Mistake Fares
-a computer glitch with 2-10 hours to take advantages. Best way to find it is through
-in the US, you have 24 hours to cancel and get a full refund

Resource 2: Google Flights Explorer
-can search flights to a whole region like Europe

Resource 3: Budget Airlines
-tons of different budget airlines IE Jetblue, RyanAir
-can be as cheap as $30/ticket, Travel found one for $129 to Europe!
-to find the budget airlines in a country: go to wikipedia, look up the airlines companies from the airport you are flying from, then look for the region that the flight is going to, then go to the budget airline websites and buy direct
-you can also go back to google flights explorer to compare

Video 3 – The 4 Biggest Myths of Frequent Flyer Miles
-Airlines hope you become confused, frustrated, and give up. Don’t give up!
-4 Myths DEBUNKED:
#1 Miles are only earned through flying
-60,000 miles for free roundtrip to Europe
-NYC to LA is 2,500 miles, takes 24 flights to get 60k miles
$300 dollars per flight = $3,600
-2 best methods to get miles: sign up for a good travel credit card and online shopping

#2 Opening credit cards hurt your credit score
-credit scores actually go up over time if you pay your credit card debt on time
-think of the trust story Travis was talking about

#3 Frequent flyer miles are hard to use
-airlines want you to believe it but not actually true
-all you really need is 4-5 hours of the right guidance, the return of investment on this is exponential
-when you go to an airline website, it DOESN’T show availability for their partner airlines (this DOES NOT mean it doesn’t exist!)
IE American Airline is in alliance with Qantas
-You need to know WHERE to look

#4 It’s impossible to find a seat with frequent flyer miles
-You need to know when and how
330 day rule: best if you look about 11 months out
6 week rule: if you can’t plan 330 days ahead
-CONSTANTLY check back on their website because of decision changes from airlines, customers, etc.
Route Map: Important to use when frequent flyer miles IE ONEWORLD route map; then, call the company booking agent because they have better access to the plane ticket system
-think about stopovers too!

Video 4 – How to Get 3 Trips for the Price of 1
-Most people fly from A to B, but these two tips help adds stops to your journey.
-Stopovers: A place you can stopĀ for almost 365 before you get to your final destination. It’s the exactly the same price/miles! You can stop on the way or on the way back.
-Open Jaws: When you fly into one country and then fly out of a nearby country by means of land transportation.
-Stopovers are more advantageous in terms of mileage;however, you can stack open jaws.
-So imagine you are flying from New York to London as a stopover and then to Paris as your final destination. Now you add Madrid as an open jaw by means of ground transporation. Essentially you have visited 3 different countries and it costs the same 60k miles!
-Other useful topics: Avoiding airline fuel surcharges, Crazy airline perks like Southwest Airlines, How to get cheap accommodations all over the world, What airlines miles you should be using, Free one ways