Spirited Travelpreneur

Pharmacist going travel developer to explore the world and to live a fearless life. 

Current Location: Medellin, Colombia

Path Notes of the Spirited Travelpreneur

Hi everyone!

I wrote this guide as personal notes for myself and for anyone that might be considering the travelpreneur lifestyle.

I started my research in January 2016 and found there was so much material to learn about including topics about business, travel hacking, preparations, travel gear, and many other things. I don’t even feel like I’ve even scratched the surface yet. No matter how much I get done, the most important thing was that I started… and you should get started too if you’re heading down this road. So regardless of how much I pick up, I am still set to launch in March 2017.

I am writing these experiences as I am learning them; therefore, I’ll make updates and add sections as needed. Eventually, I’d like to compile it into an eBook and give it away. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to find out when that’s happening! Thanks for reading and I hope my path notes benefit you!

Table of Contents


The journey of a aspiring travel developer working on web development. Let's talk about web dev, outdoor adventure, and self dev!