Spirited Travelpreneur

Pharmacist going travel developer to explore the world and to live a fearless life. 

Current Location: Medellin, Colombia

Bucket List

It’s healthy to have things that you want to achieve in life. I keep track of these so that to remind myself that it’s not all about work and life needs to be enjoyed too. I’m in the business of collecting experiences and living an exceptional life.

  • Participate in Ayahuasca Ceremony November 2016
  • Participate in San Pedro Ceremony November 2016
  • Live at least 3 months in South America
  • Live at least 3 months in Southeast Asia
  • Live at least 3 months in Eastern Europe
  • Improve guitar skill and know at least 50 songs
  • Learn Spanish to intermediate level
  • Learn French to intermediate level
  • Learn Thai or Swedish massages
  • Learn Yoga to intermediate level
  • Learn Tai Chi to intermediate level
  • Learn Salsa to intermediate level
  • Learn Tango to intermediate level
  • Publish an ebook
  • Attend Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit 
  • Attend Digital Nomad Conference
  • Attend Johnny FD’s Nomad Summit
  • Attend Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada
  • Attend Wim Hof’s Expedition
  • Attend 21 Convention
  • Go paragliding in Medellin, Colombia
  • Go snowboarding in Niseko, Japan
  • Go swim in Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  • Go take an African Safari
  • Go party at Mardi Gras and Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Go party at Ibiza in Spain’s Ballearic Islands
  • Get PADI diving certified in Thailand
  • Go do full-moon ascent at Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa
  • Go clear-bottom kayaking with LED lights at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • See Northern Lights in Tundra Buggy, Canada or Fairbanks, Alaska
  • See ruins at Machu Picchu, Peru
  • See Terraced Rice Paddies in Sapa, Vietnam in June-July or September-October
  • See bioluminescent bay at Puerto Rico via night kayaking
  • See Glow Worm Cave in Mount Tambourine, Australia
  • See Petra by candlelight in Jordan
  • See after-dark volcanic explosion in Sicily, Italy
  • See the salt flats in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
  • See Moonbows at Victoria Falls in Zambia
  • Meet a beautiful woman to share my experiences with


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