Spirited Travelpreneur

Pharmacist going travel developer to explore the world and to live a fearless life. 

Current Location: Medellin, Colombia

Location Rebel Logo

Location Rebel – A community I joined in July 2016 to get started on my location independent lifestyle. The founder, Sean Ogle, is a really cool guy and a veteran in the digital nomad scene. The flagship program is called the Location Rebel Academy. The community has blueprints, guides, and a very active forum for people looking to get into this lifestyle. With the main focus on creating business and less travel hacking (house-sitting, working in other countries, etc.). There are usually two sales during June and December. There’s a ton of content and great people on there. I’m still meeting with my same 4 people weekly in my mastermind group from there!

Chris the Freelancer Logo

Chris the Freelancer – Chris is an Australian who took off to Thailand as a remote web developer. Learning his skills from online courses and established a remote contract in his home in Australia before going off to travel. Chris has some great videos and podcast episodes. If you’re looking to go the web development route, he is a good person to follow.

Disrupting the Rabblement – Niall operates primarily in Netherlands but is a world traveler. You should read about his 44-month trip traveling around the world without flying. He is also a web developer and operates his own course 3K1M to help others achieve success in their business. I enjoy Niall’s mementos and informative videos about the digital nomad life.

Christopher W. Chiu – Chris worked on Wall Street and suffered severe burn-out from the work life. He made it through two episodes of a collapsed lung and decided to change his life. I admire his work with plant medicine, Muay Thai, and all-around good human being. Operating primarily out of Southeast Asia, he works as a coach for others seeking to find purpose and joy in life after corporate life burn-out.

Expert Vagabond – A blogger and photographer who runs a really awesome blog full of travel tips and great photos. I enjoyed his post especially about taking care of your finances and bank accounts. If you need some travel gear, packing, planning, or any other number of things, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this blog.

The Points Guy

The Points Guy – The go-to resource for travel hacking with credit cards. There are tons of high-quality contents about credit cards that are current and how to maximize your usage when booking. If you like scoring a lot of flights and enjoy reading about travel hacking, I’d highly recommend this site!

Travel is Free – Drew and Caroline are a local couple from my state and they have learned how to travel for free. I love the great content they produce without asking for anything in return. They have some really great infographics and guides for you to look at. Their website is definitely more about travel hacking.

Digital Nomads Community Link – An extra bonus I found when I joined one of the Digital Nomads Facebook Group. This resource will help you to start thinking about what actually goes into a location-independent lifestyle. It a hub for all the practical information that you might be looking for from visas all the way through remote jobs. Definitely worth a look!


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