Spirited Travelpreneur

Pharmacist going travel developer to explore the world and to live a fearless life. 

Current Location: Medellin, Colombia

My Story

Let me describe what my typical corporate day was like. Eyes still weary before the sun has risen, I make my way through a small townhome I share with a roommate. I usually wake up to do some stretching and light exercise if I have the time. Other than that, it’s a quick shower and throwing on scrubs to head to the office. I will grab a banana or power bar on the way out and commute to work.

My commute is about 30 minutes to the office in which I listen to podcasts to open my mind about location independent lifestyles. It’s a nice straight drive over the mountain and I get a beautiful glimpse of the valley. There’s little to no traffic like Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia, thank goodness!

As a medical professional by trade, I take medication orders and dispense the products. I work at a desk for most of the day but have the freedom to walk about every now and then to bring finished products to the shipping area. There are phone calls, logistical matters, and communications with my co-workers to get the orders to where they need to go. About noon time, I find an hour of solace to eat lunch and work on my escape plan. Every day I dream of seeing the world and want to fully immerse in the beauty of life. I knew this profession was not the path.

It began when I started venturing into the world of traveling and backpacking in the wilderness, I found that the ideals of a capitalistic country made less sense with every trip I took. It was finally after my Europe trip in September 2015 when I became intensely dissatisfied with the status quo. This trip made me realize the “American Dream” to be a clever ruse to dress up the unproductive, ubiquitous work culture designed to keep us away from our loved ones and our passions.

Consumerism runs rampant in a culture conducive to filling our lives with trivial possessions beyond basic needs that never truly seem to make us happy. All the while making us believe we are not enough as we are unless we buy more to validate our status in society. Each dollar spent digs us deeper in a pit of debt which we spend the best of our youth in perpetuated enslavement. Only when we’ve paid off our plot of land that we realized that we were chasing the wrong thing this whole time. Why would anyone in their right mind want to live out their golden years slowly wasting away in retirement and eventually lamenting over the top 5 regrets of the dying?

My trip through Europe for the first time ever on that September Contiki trip was quite eventful. We were a large tour group making our way through 8 different countries in a circular fashion from the northern region of London down to as far south as Rome. I got my first taste of the traveling outside the states solo. I knew I wanted more of it but still didn’t know how to quite get there. As I believe along with most corporate workers, a 2-week allowance of paid vacation each year was generous and that was simply just the nature of American work culture. Slowly I began to wake up and contemplating the fact that “to truly live the American Dream, you have to be asleep.” 

Fast forward now to the last quarter of 2016, I met a new friend named Aaron as I’m taking my second European trip. We met in a small hostel in the region of Florence, Italy. He describes to me that he use to live in the states but now roams around the world while working online building websites. I’ll admit that was the turning point. I decided shortly that my new goal was to become a digital nomad.

I’ve been with my company for 2.5 years total. I turned in my slip in July 2016 and will be resigned at the end of October 2016. There’s much to be done to prepare. I had to figure out why I wanted to do something so insane. I wrote up important questions to guide my purpose. You can find this in the next section.


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