Starting something new can be daunting. You’re comfortable with the skills you’ve learned from school and utilizing it in the “real world”. Be honest, do you think that real world skills would be a learned in a classroom? How about when the last time you used history or calculus in your daily life? Skills taught in school are designed by the system to keep you in the system, with exception of things like english or mathematics.

Here’s a  new perspective for you: if you can do something no one else can’t, you have an opportunity. A job is basically an exchange of goods or services. Simple as that.

Your only true limits are the ones you set out for yourself. In the beginning, you’ll end up trying a whole bunch of different things. I know I did. Soon you’ll figure that your time is valuable and would rather put it towards something you like to do. For me, that was to help others and learn web development. My advice: after you figure out what you like to do, go ahead and try it out. You have my permission, even though you never needed it from anyone. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Teaching English Online


Life/Health Coach


Web Development

Travel Agency

Online Business Developers

Social Media Marketing

Copywriter and Design

Tour Guide

Travel Blogger


Virtual Assistant

Programmer/Code Writer

App Developer

Online Teacher

Professional Author

Freelance Writer

Translator/Voice Talent

Graphic Artist/Illustrator

SEO Consultant/Marketer

Organic Farm Helper (WWOOF)

Property Manager





Hotel Worker

Sales Rep

Public Relation Rep

Business Consultant

Business Owner

Airline Worker

NGO/Aid worker


Teaching English (ESLCAFE)

Tour Leader/Organizer

Fishing Charter Leader

Construction Worker

Au Pair/Nanny


Cruise Ship Worker

Cargo Ship Worker



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