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Instant WordPress To Build Websites Offline

I been working on the language website a lot this week. While my client’s website is still live with the HTML format with keyword stuff on the side, I work behind the scenes. One of the ways I am able to do this is by using instant wordpress. I use All In One WP migration too import and export the website I work on. One of the best things is being able to throw everything on a jump drive and working from pretty much any computer with not software installation necessary. Talk about traveling and working lightweight. I’ll be done with the website soon!

Meeting another aspiring nomad

James CauwelierI got a chance to meet with James Cauwelier of Happiness In A Bit on Hangout. James is a software engineer, architect, coach and adventurer who shared a lot of interesting perspectives with me. We discussed about our specialties, future plans, collaboration. Some interesting questions we came up with were:

  • When you are 50 and 60 years old, where will you end up with the nomadic lifestyle and finances?
  • Business theory of meritocracy and basic income, are these viable strategies for collaboration?
  • How to connect with other like-minded nomads today without having to sign up for subscription/paid services?

I had a really nice conversation with James as we exchanged possible ideas of collaboration, websites, businesses, and personal hobbies.

Bottom line is that we are still looking for like minded people to create something beautiful. If you’re in the software engineering business, get in touch with James! He can be reached at


My progress towards lifestyle nomadism:

TOT LogoThis past week, I’ve been busy working on my language client’s website. About 3 hours worth of Divi work got me a homepage, 6 menus, and about 10 sub menus. I was able to learn a lot about how to make the website more visually appealing and using color schemes. was also a great place to find stock photos with high quality resolution and sufficient picture database. So for next week, I will be setting up social media accounts and links to synergize the online presence. I’ll probably share the website once I’m all done here so you can have a look.

Some cool things I’ve seen this past week:

9 Lucrative Places To Base Yourself As A Digital Nomad

Sonia Taylor goes into favorite cities of digital nomads and compares costs versus Australia! Beautiful locations located in South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. My favorite read this week!

Experts Reveal The REAL Way To Make Money Online, And You Might Not Like It

James Guzman of Borderless asks how to make money online right away from success online entrepreneurs. Great reality check!

From Employees to Anywhereists: Our Full Story (Updated)

Mish from Making It Anywhere shares their origin stories! It was an inspirational, humbling read for aspiring nomads to relate.

WordPress Walkthrough Series

Creepy Dave teaches you the basic in’s and out’s of WordPress! He has a lot of cool tips and you might pick up a thing or two about basic WordPressing.

1 Year as a Digital Nomad - How to Build a Business by the Beach

Jon Yongfook shares his experience as a digital nomads. It gives you a glimpse of what a typical day is like so you can start crafting your own.

Digital Nomad Community

Stumbled upon this website during my searches but wondering if it’s viable? Have a strong consideration to join but hope it isn’t a flop.