Hey everyone, hope you had an awesome April! These monthly reports are going to start taking a different turn now.

You might have seen my monthly income in the past but now I’m devoting full time towards web development and coding. Therefore, I won’t be making any income for the time being to focus on studies. I’m still pursuing Spanish and keeping up with my Youtube as well.

I didn’t feel that teaching English or writing were endeavors that I particularly enjoyed so I’m deciding to focus full time on coding.

Here’s what I’ve been up to this past month!

Monthly Expenditures

I’ve been living in Medellin, Colombia to cut down on my daily burn rate. I haven’t made any money this month so I think it’s important to keep track of what I’m spending. It also makes for an awesome video for all those analytical folks out there. I spent less than $500 last month.

I spent less than $500 last month. This includes rent, food, a couple trips, and some light fun. I’m not a heavy drinker nor excessive party person so I think I did really great.

There are a YouTube video and Google Spreadsheet I made for your perusal. Enjoy and shoot me any questions!

Here’s the google doc link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c3iz9lFNeYvc-cwga_I75YEk-vJT5O6pN11NKlr_Jtw/edit?usp=sharing

Coding and Development

The biggest news is that I’m applying for internship/apprenticeships. Although they were looking for another front developer, I pitched myself as looking to learn and giving time to assist in any way I can. I met up with a health/tech startup company recently and had an interview with them. I’m still waiting to hear from them but I’m very hopeful that I will get in. They primarily work with JavaScript but might use jQuery or ReactJS also.

Web Dev Udemy Course

Now headed towards the back-end of development.

As I’m waiting for Codecademy and FreeCodeCamp to update their curriculums, I’m revisiting the Web Developer Bootcamp Udemy Course with Colt Steele to reiterate through JavaScript and start reaching into the backend.

Portfolio Page

I updated my Portfolio Page

I’m also updated my portfolio page at timothyhoang.net recently to include the color game project which I was working through in the course.

I’ve joined the Advanced Beginner Challenge with Dain Miller this month also. It was quite intensive with reading and building projects but I am definitely gaining a lot of traction in the tech arena. I’m gathering a lot of contexts and connecting with some cool tech folks.

I’m hoping to get to this ReactJS course that was free on Udemy with a coupon I found with FreeCodeCamp. also so I can start diving into some more front end frameworks.


I joined a¬†Spanish study group recently here as I have found that language exchanges and local speakers are way too fast for my pace. They also get bored of the same boring conversations and want to hear about interesting things. I don’t know if it’s impatience or not.

I continue to teach myself Spanish on youtube with Senor Jordan. I tried Anki but that took too much management of the flashcards. I also don’t like Memrise¬†or Duolingo as much either since it doesn’t have a particular structure.

Spanish with Senor Jordan

I teach myself Spanish with Youtube.

My speaking and listening are the two most difficult areas for me. Speaking and listening are especially difficult because you have to formulate sentences and might not have the appropriate vocabulary to express yourself. You aren’t usually able to look up things on the spot either.

My writing and reading are somewhat decent and I’m recognizing more words every day. I can at least use Google Translate if I have any problems. I usually write Spanish on text and messages to my Spanish speaking friends also to practice.


I’ve been pretty religious about my daily vlogs on Youtube, check out my YouTube channel! I’m proud to say I’ve passed 50 vlog videos last week and about to cross over 60. There’s no plan as to how long I will go but I still definitely want to keep it up because it lets me share this awesome country with people from all around the world.

I’ve also done various videos recently for fun and educational purposes. You can check out my video about my paragliding trip or a mash-up of all the places and things I’ve been doing on my channel if you look at the assorted section.

The future of my channel is unknown as to whether I’ll start selling products or pushing affiliates. Right now, I’m enjoying making and talking in these videos. If anything, it will help me to be more comfortable with public speaking and camera shyness (which I don’t think I have much of anymore).