Happy Holidays From VA

Happy Holidays with love from VA.

Happy New Year’s to everyone! Wishing you all the best in health, wealth, and happiness!

December was a busy month with all the holidays and spending time with the family. I have not traveled anywhere this month and still planning to save money for my trips later this year. There will be a lot of friends that I want to visit and places to go after all!

I’ve been devoting more time to learning to code than actually working on writing. I found it tedious to write articles but it is pulling in some money (see below). Honestly, writing is enjoyable but I love to make websites and write code more. It’s more creative and challenging, respectively. I figured with a freedom lifestyle, you should do as you want right?

I also didn’t take any time to do a reflection post on 2016 or future post for 2017. The goal is pretty simple which is still to make a sustainable income from online businesses and go location independent. In that regards, 2017 will be a hustle year. It is probably good to do a reflection but I feel like I have been keeping up since I have a time log, a timeline of events, and being aware of what’s going on overall. I think keeping things simple to 2 or 3 main focal points is more productive. You should see my Trello system about productivity! Hopefully get a chance to make a video about this year.

Writing Business

December 2016 Blogmutt Invoice

December 2016 Blogmutt Invoice

I wrote 20 Blogmutt articles this month. My current score at Blogmutt is 40| 25 | 7. That’s articles written | articles posted | articles rejected. This was actually the most articles I’ve sold on the platform in a month. That’s 11 articles that I sold this month!

I’m so close to level 4 also which will allow me to get $19 for each 600-word article. I’ll try to hammer it out this month so I can get there quickly!

Web Development Business

Business has not officially taken off yet. I just started a new company called Sky Ballon Design which is still under construction. I’m currently working on the content and copy so I can start marketing my website development skills.

There are other services which I’m wanting to offer but need more education as well including social media, SEO, maintenance integration. This will help generate more income for me and it will help the client by not having to go to a lot of places for their business. There’s a lot of talking points when it comes to a business website like layout, content, copy, and pricing so I’m trying to prepare all that before I launch later this month, stay tuned!

I did take a course on Udemy with Darrel Wilson recently to help me learn more about Divi. Honestly, it was useful with some of the resources that were given but the content itself was rushed. But for $10, I don’t mind it too much. I wished that there was just more design concepts instead of trying to pound out a quick dollar with affiliate links, template designs, and self-promotion.

Honestly, I’m more excited about Christine Maisel’s course on running a home website development business. I think this will be of more value to me and I plan to start it tomorrow.

Coding and Development

Woofer Fictitious Website

Woofer is a fictitious website I made with HTML/CSS/Bootstrap. Would you adopt this cute pup? I think so!

I’ve been striving to code a couple hours a day at least and taking another UDEMY course (noticing a trend yet? Haha). I am absolutely loving Colt Steele’s Web Development Udemy course. I finished the HTML, CSS, Bootstrap sections recently and heading into the Javascript section right now. It’s more theoretical so harder to grasp and not as creative but I’m still loving the logic of it all so far.

I am LOVING coding so far! It’s so much fun to create something out of nothing. If you want to see what I’ve been working on, check out my Codepen. Some of the exercises I’ve done for Colt’s Udemy course on there including the Woofer website you see above. Here’s a hint, it’s prefaced with [Udemycs]. Right now, I’m working on a Free Code Camp (FCC) Project about my personal portfolio. It’s a challenge but it’s a good piece to wrap everything together.

I also took the initiative to meet up with other coders for the social and networking aspect. I am part of FCC’s facebook groups in my area and just went to my first Code & Coffee session yesterday with NOVA Code & Coffee. There were at least 40 other coders working on different projects but it was such a great atmosphere and I met some already good friends! I will definitely be coming back in 2 weeks!

Code and Coffee at CustomInk

A code and coffee session I went to at CustomInk near my area.


I’ve also been taking Spanish on the side in order to prep for my trip to Colombia. I’ve been using Memrise and Conversation Exchange which are both really great. Here’s my profile on Memrise! I actually meet with a senorita from Lima, Peru and we had one session so far.

I feel my Spanish is el terrible por conversacion. I barely knew how to make conversation and still a newbie with forming together words and sentences. I’m going to make some notecards of verbs I know from my last Spanish lesson with a teacher and go from there.

Total Earnings

Not a bad month but I think I need to start hitting $500 a month consistently if I want to maintain my lifestyle. I could easily get a job nearby for holidays but I want to develop multiple streams of incomes so I can make money completely online! Let’s go for January!

For the month of December, I earned $118.35.

2016 Total Earnings

For the year of 2016, I earned $661.39. It’s not a lot but this was all earned completely online. You have to take into account that I was in the process of learning different vehicles and trying different things. It was a learning process but I think I know what path I am going to take now. With about 2 months left before I launch off to another country, I will try to see how much money I can make. I’m excited to grow my business in 2017!

Some cool things I’ve seen:

Code and Coffee in Fairfax, VA

A really awesome community with coders and developers! I really enjoyed it and if you’re in the area definitely check it out!

Conversation Exchange

A place where you can find real local natives to practice your languages! I spoke with someone in Peru this past week!

Mem Rise

An awesome place to start learning languages. I’m taking Spanish on there! With review sessions and repetitive style, the spanish vocabulary will sink into your mind naturally!