Mild, Awkward Winter This Year

It was a mild, awkward winter this year.

Hello, my friends! I’m excited to say that I’ll be leaving the mild winter here in less than a week for Medellin, Colombia at the time of this writing. I just took care of my phone and communication plans this week and I think I’m all set to go! Anyways, here’s what’s been going on with me this past month!

Web Design Business

I am finishing up the website with my tourism client and that will be the end of it hopefully. It’s been dragging on for a long time now. I think this has been a valuable learning experience for me about investing too much time with clients. I’m also hoping to finish up work with my hospitality client as well and she only needs to review the final site and give me the account information to upload it to the host company.

I learned a lot from working with these different clients and where my priorities need to shift. Currently, I want to focus more on learning code and other various ventures which I have been discussing with my friends. That means moving away from WordPress and Divi Theme for a short time until I get some other things up and running.

Coding and Development

Laptop Stickers

Check out my laptop stickers!

This is where I’ve been spending a majority of my time. I have been practicing a lot of jQuery recently and javascript this month. I feel like it’s starting to make more sense but there’s so much more depth that I need to reach to become proficient. I’m focusing mostly on the front-end languages (HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery/React) for now. In the long-term, I think the MERN stack is something I’m aspiring for.

Here’s the latest thing I’ve been working on: Traveler’s Task List. It’s a simple to-do list with some basic animations and a CSS gradient. It’s a fun project and taught me a lot about JavaScript and jQuery. You can find a link to the Codepen and check it out for yourself.

Traveler Task List Project

Traveler Task List Project I worked on with the Udemy Course

I’m still enjoying coding very much. I’m mainly on Udemy and Codecademy taking their courses. However, I’m planning to hop back on Free Code Camp soon to start the algorithm section with a friend to pair up and tackle the challenges. I will also use this time to work on more projects as well. My portfolio is still not completely finished and I still need to put it up on GitHub.

This month, I attended the Reston Code & Coffee, Refresh DC, and Node School. All these venues were super fun and always have a good time meeting other developers. I actually met a developer who lives in Medellin and I’m really excited about linking up with him when I get down there in about 2 weeks. He’s a full stack developer and works for the company that was hosting the Node School this past weekend.

I can’t wait to link up with the FCC and NS groups down in Medellin. I don’t think there are as many devs down there as in D.C. but it’s probably a more tight-knit and more relaxed group to hang out with in a fun city.

Teaching English

Cambly Hours

Cambly Hours

I’ve been teaching English on Cambly for about 3 weeks now and have logged over 1400 minutes with over 170 different conversations so far. I did 12 hours the first week and 10 hours in the second and third week.

I’ve met people from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Brazil, Bahrain, Indonesia, Peru, and many other countries. The bulk of the people on the platform are English beginners in Saudi Arabia from all ages. I do have interesting conversations sometimes with people and have learned a lot of cultural differences.


A common saying with my Saudi Arabian students: “marshallah”.

I do have interesting conversations sometimes with people and have learned a lot of cultural differences. For example, Saudi Arabians don’t generally drink as it goes against their religion. Boys and girls don’t date either and marriage rules differ among families. A common food among the people of this country is Kabsa. That’s a sure conversation starter anytime. Haha. You’ll hear “masha allah” from time to time also.


Kabsa looks like fried rice and I bet it tastes like chicken.

I also interviewed with Boxfish and did not get the gig. At the interview, they asked me what kind of English teaching experiences I had, where I was living, if I would be willing to wake up early, and various surface level questions. I asked them what the general process of teaching was like and what kind of schedule can I expect. The interview was about 5-10 minutes. I don’t know what they were looking for so it was hard to say. I just took the standard approach.

If you’re interested in making some extra pocket change, feel free to sign up to become a tutor on Cambly through my referral link.

It helps support my website and a really cool place to meet people in other countries. The best thing about the Cambly platform is being able to hop on and teach at any time of the day or night. Meeting people and learning about Middle Eastern culture is also fun. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I earned $203.83 this month for about 32 hours total of tutoring.

Writing Business

These 2 articles that sold this month were written a month or two ago and it wasn’t until now that the articles were posted. I am still planning to stop writing on Blogmutt for a while so I can focus on development. If teaching English doesn’t pull in what I need I might write more articles but I think this will be the last time you’ll hear about writing for awhile.

My current score at Blogmutt is 43 | 28 | 11. I’m still 72 points about from level 4 but I won’t be reaching that anytime soon.

I earned $16 this month from 2 articles I wrote in the past.


My Spanish learning has been put on the backburner in recent weeks. Preparation activities have been occupying most of my time so I have not been practicing my Spanish courses as often as I would like. I am hoping to be able to get more learning once I arrive in the country with native speakers. I think I will learn much quick that way.

Total Earnings

I was really hoping to break $500 this month with the payment from my hospitality client website work but I have not received payment yet. There’s always next month which will be a longer month as well!

For the month of February, I earned a total of $227.83.