Hello everyone! How in the world are you? Or where are you? ūüôā

It’s still a chilly but mild winter here in the nation’s capital but I don’t feel a thing being cozy in the home all day long. Haha! I’ve been working hard on my projects and realize that there are only 4 weeks left until I leave for Colombia!

Flight booked

Flight booked!

That’s right…I bought my ticket to fly out early March. My first stop is Miami for a week to see an old friend and then off to Medellin a week later! I’m super duper excited.

I also worked on my guide for new digital nomads. I have updated my favorite websites and favorite books section. You should check them out!

Here’s what’s been going on with me this past month!

Writing Business

Blogmutt January Invoice

Blogmutt January Invoice

Not my greatest month with this avenue but I’m moving towards projects and more job-related experiences of web development. Writing SEO articles are easy but they are time-consuming because they are not guaranteed payment upon completion. Customers still have to approve the articles too.

My current score at Blogmutt is 43 | 26 | 9. I’m still about 100 points about from level 4 but I won’t be reaching that anytime soon. Unless I’m really strapped for money, I plan to write maybe one article a week. There are just many other avenues which I’m pursuing at the moment.

Web Development Business

I am still working with my sightseeing client to finish up her website. I’m waiting for content to be provided since this website was started from scratch. I don’t mind at all because it gives me time to do other things. Being a digital nomad is all about flexibility right? So I’m not flipping out.

In other good news, she gave me an extra $100 for assisting with the website. She comments on how patient I am and willing to work with her even when she loses her cool. I said thank you and said I know what it feels like to be frustrated when designing a website. The only difference was that no one was there to see me. Websites inevitably take time and break often with updates and that’s the reason why I realize that my skills are needed. Be thankful instead, yes?

She also referred me to a friend of her’s who operates an apartment rental business for corporate housing. Her most prestigious clients are ones that come into the area to intern for Amazon and Microsoft. She has a lot of connections so I’m definitely excited to work with her. I literally just submitted my proposal and mockup this morning and just waiting for her to reply. So far, she loves what she saw on her mobile device!

If you read my last December report, you’ll remember that I was working on Christine Maisel’s home web design business. I’ve long finished that and already started applying those principles to my new corporate housing client…so far so good I think. I’ve been working on her Complete SEO Guide to Ranking Local Business Websites when I find the time and it has been really good so far from what I have seen.

Same Course

Awfully dubious courses to rack up affiliate commission?

Darrel Wilson also released two new free Divi courses which I have not had time to check out yet. Curiously, they are both the same¬†title but has some different stats and different introduction video. I’m hoping this is not another marketing ploy to gain affiliate commissions but they are free though so I won’t press on. I’ve warned you before that his courses are quick paced and seems really rushed. I feel they can be more professional but it gets the job done. Both courses are currently free for the moment but¬†prices might be tacked on later. Here are the links:¬†How To Make A WordPress Website 2017 | Divi Theme Tutorial 1¬†and¬†How To Make A WordPress Website 2017 | Divi Theme Tutorial 2.

Coding and Development

This is where I’ve been spending a majority of my time. I finished the last JavaScript section yesterday on Colt Steele’s course and will NOT continue on to JQuery just quite yet. I feel like I should go over HTML/CSS/JS for a second time so I can really hammer down the concepts.

Here’s the latest thing I’ve been working on: Color Guessing Game. This was one of the code-along projects with the Udemy course and I thought it was pretty cool. If anyone has worked with HTML, they know that there’s an RGB code that you have to use to get the specified color. This game has you predict the color based on the random combination of values for each primary color.

Color Guessing Game

Color Guessing Game

I am still LOVING coding so far. There’s always so much to learn but I feel like a wizard learning to make magic. Yes, my inner nerd is very content. I continue to press on with Lynda courses on the big 3 of web development for the time being. Putting Udemy and Free Code Camp on hold for the moment until I feel like I have a more solid foundation.

I was also able to make second Code & Coffee session with NOVA Code & Coffee¬†this month.¬†There were at least 60 people there and all the tables were all filled up! I did meet some new friends and saw another friend who I speak to regularly online. I’m going to start trying to meet people local to my area since it does take time to get to NOVA. There is another Code & Coffee session closer to my area this coming weekend so I’m excited for that. There’s going to be more friendly people and coding, love it!

Teaching English

In the last post, I actually missed my interview for Best Teacher to teach kids in Japan. Unfortunately, I don’t get another interview change. That’s okay though because it led me to Boxfish and Cambly. I’m still waiting on the application for Boxfish to go through but I can tell you I had to send a CV and make an introduction video.

Cambly Pay Grade

Cambly Pay Grade

I did get the gig at Cambly so I’m excited to get started. It seems like a really relaxed platform and will give me a chance to meet people from all over the world. It pays about $10/hour so that means I can pocket an extra $600 a month if I am on the platform 2 hours a day. I can do that easy if it’s just conversations and helping others people succeed in English.

I’m hoping Boxfish will accept my application because it gives me a chance to earn $20/hour. That will be more of a teaching position but that’s not too bad based on the videos I saw so far from the company.



Memrise Spanish Level 1 Complete!

I completed Spanish Level 1 on¬†Memrise¬†and started on Level 2! This past month I also got a Spanish Course on Udemy which has been pretty good so far. I enjoy the practicality with things that I’ll actually experience in real life. It takes you through possible real life scenarios which you are likely to encounter. I would recommend this course because it’s easy to follow. The pace might be a little slow for you but I think it fits just fine with my busy learning schedule. Although my Spanish is progressing a slow 30 minutes a day, I’ve still got a month left to learn!

Total Earnings

Not a great month but it has been really been giving me plenty of time to learn coding, which is really what I want to do.

I’m excited about my new clients and the referrals that she will bring and the English job I just landed. Let’s see what happens in February! It’s definitely crunch time and I need to get ready to head to COOOLOMMMBIAAA!

I got $8 from Blogmutt and $100 from my website client. I also made a sale on eDropshipping profiting $12.51. For the month of December, I earned $120.51.