Web Design Business

New Website

I made $250 from creating a website for a client’s apartment rental site. It was a good project because all the content was already provided. It was just a matter of changing the layout and making it look modern. The project overall took about 2 weeks.

In total, I earned $250 for this project.

Coding and Development

I’ve been doing terrible with coding this month and have been really unfocused. Staying at the hostel for 2 weeks and the desire to reach the $500 barrier did not make this a high priority for me.

The good news is that I’m back on the horse for this month and will be devoting a lot of time in this area. I’m going to work on the 30 days of HTML and CSS course at Envato Tuts+. It’s free so you should check it out. Afterward, planning to hit up the jQuery and JavaScript categories.

Teaching English

It was a painful month to teach English for me online. With the lack of quiet space in the hostel and bad internet connections, I was really discouraged to hop on the platform to talk to people.

I will temporarily be putting this on hold now since it is draining my time. Life is pretty cheap here in Medellin and I want to make more productive use of my time.

An option was presented for me to sign up to make $20/hr online teaching English, I have no desire to do so. I spoke to a friend who also teaches English online and he explains that it’s just a work fatigue.

In total, I earned $230.18 for teaching this month.

Various Projects

A friend asked me to write 2 articles for her new website. The articles were entitled “5 Hacks to Improve your SEO with Social Media” and “Simple Tips on Running Effective Facebook Ads Campaigns”. I wrote 600 words for each and it was relatively painless.

In total, I earned $30 for these 2 articles.

Total Earnings

I earned a total of $510.18 this month but after the final PayPal fees, I took home $500.18.

I’m super happy I hit the $500 barrier. It wasn’t easy but sometimes you just have to do it and I owe it to the blog to keep me accountable.