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Every month by the last day of the month or the first day of the next month, I’d like to report a monthly report about earnings and cool stuff. Writing a monthly report will be better in the long run as it will allow me to focus more time on writing other topics instead of constantly talking about my writing projects which become tedious for me, and most likely for you.

It will be cool to view changes in a month’s span since it won’t be as susceptible to weekly changes. It makes for a better overall picture don’t you think? I’ll also mention cool things from my mastermind meet about anything we discussed. Let’s dive right in!

Mastermind Meet

Congratulations to Justin and Lori for being accepted into the Blogmutt team! I know you guys are just going to crush it!

We spoke about Writer’s Access and how to get to the top tiers on the platform to gain more earnings.

As we are all starting to create our own brand, we’re talking more about the thoughts leaders out there like Gary Vaynerchuck, Ramit Sethi, or David Moazz.

Writing Business

I wrote a lot of articles for Blogmutt this month. I got paid for 10 articles I’ve written. It was difficult at times since I didn’t get the 2 days off a week the latter half of the month but I think I pulled through all right.

My current score at Blogmutt is 20 | 13 | 3. That’s articles written | articles posted | articles rejected.

October 15th Blogmutt Invoice

October 15th Blogmutt Invoice


eDropshipping Business

I made some good sales this month include a double order on a single day on October 18th.

The biggest profit was $17.78 because I had a coupon left over with my source.

Web Development Business

This won’t be a regular category as I’m not actively pursuing this business yet.

I’m waiting until later to start learning the coding side of it so I can focus on my writing for some time. I plan to start learning to code in early December.

My previous client referred me to a new client who needed a website for her sightseeing business. My previous client is also asking me to start on another website for her sister as well.

I’m super excited to be building websites!

Total Earnings

This was my best month yet! For the month of October, I earned $342.84.

Some cool things I’ve seen:

Foreign Spouse, Happy Life

In this article about exogamy, the rewards far outweigh the problems!

3 Important Life Skills Nobody Ever Taught You

Mark Manson has good points here. Things doing happen to ONLY you, so don’t take it personally. Also challenge your beliefs and adopt them if they are correct and act in the face of uncertainty and without expectation.

Since You Can Live Anywhere, Where Should It Be?

Chris Guillebeau mentions about a new site which suggests new places for you to live based on your criteria. The top 3 I got were Braga in Portugal, Chania in Greece, and Corfu in Greece.