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My 3rd Divi Website Is Live

I’m so excited to have the third Divi website I’ve built to go LIVE. I’ve been working on it for about a week or two for my language client. I’ve reviewed the website with her last week but she was pleasantly happy with how the results turned out since then. We both shared the event as I uploaded the new site right before her during shared screens on Google Hangouts. We made some small tweaks and there is still some more information to be filled in; but it’s a great feeling to see the old site unveil to a new, elegant design. It’s not 100% complete as we do have a lot of ongoing implementations such as social media, SEO, and interactive integration but I simply couldn’t wait. 🙂

Talk Of the Town Website Screenshot

Check out www.talkofthetownlanguages.com to see my work!

The Story If You’re Curious

I used All-in-One WP Migration to upload the website package up onto wordpress but immediate ran into a HTTP error as I tried to import the file via wordpress. I put in a ticket with the folks of the plugin and a support personnel Pim promptly told me that I would have to upload it via FTP. She pointed me to a really useful video (Howto: Restore a WordPress blog from Backup using All in One WP Migration) to guide me through this process. Thanks Pim!

Now, I’ve done FTP before in the past but it was definitely something I had to re-familiarize myself with…

Consequently, I got in touch with my client and she provided me with an FTP account from her website host. I logged in and posted up the AIOWP migration file and VOILA. Within 2 short minutes, the site was elevated to it’s full glory.

The feeling of limited mastery of front web development spurred from within and it was a really proud moment for me. We made some tweaks to her pictures, colors, and font formatting. Working over Google Hangout was fantastic, as she can see EXACTLY how I was making magic on the computer screen for her. It felt akin to a magician performing a small magic trick…albeit I’m not a very good wizard yet. Watch out Potter. Haha

My progress towards lifestyle nomadism:

Ever since I’ve started this website, I haven’t really traveled anywhere or quit my job yet. I’m completely okay with that because I know I’m working hard in that direction every day. Like Pat Flynn had said before, it’s all about working hard now so you can reap the benefits later.

I’m still building my foundation skills so when I have have bigger projects, I’ll be more prepared. I don’t think those skills will ever really go away either. I feel like I’m almost able to freelance if I wanted to but I want to play around more with more since I’m not strapped for money or in a particular rush.

I’ve also found my way into the digitalnomadcommunity.net. It seems like a great place as it gives you basic blueprints for getting started. I’ve posted a post on facebook about reviews of these paid nomad communities too. Some of the comments recommended I can learn everything I need by just reading on the internet.

While this seems like a truly valid point, there seems to be a lot of information to distill down to actionable information. I feel like some paid communities will offer me a more direct, time-saving approach to learn to get where I want to be. There’s still much to be done so let us continue


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