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Google chrome extensions are little apps that can be added to your google chrome browser. There’s tons of them out there but there are a few which I use to increase my productivity. They are free, easy to install, and helps your life so much easier. I wrote a little post about it for my Getting Started Section. In the future, I’m considering doing videos to show you exactly how I go about things.


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My progress towards lifestyle nomadism:

So this week I’ve become even more familiar with Divi as I am going through their video tutorials on the website. Their framework really is amazing. Being able to save different layouts makes it invaluable for building websites quickly. So far I haven’t had any hiccups with it yet.

I’ve also met with a friend to exchange website work in exchange for language lessons this past week. We had our first meeting and I’m excited about all the different ideas easily pervading this small head. Next week, I’ll being using some of these Divi skills to see how creative I can really get.

Cool things this past week:

How To Monetize Your Blog

Kevin Muldoon goes into ways to make money on your blog! Direct advertising sales, advertising networks, affiliation, products, services, job/classifieds/marketplace, sponsored reviews/paid posts, premium content, email marketing, or sell your blog!

The Southwest Companion Pass: What It Is, Why It's Awesome, And How To Get It!

Travis Sherry of EPoP explains how you can bring another companion on their flights for free up to 2 years!

The American Dream

An interesting 30 minute short created by Tad Lumpkin and Harold Uhl about money and debt in America. It’s powerful and mature so take it with a grain a salt. If anything, it will expand you brain a bit.