Walking Towards Future

My Last Day At My 9-5!

My last official day was yesterday: October 28th, 2016.

I think it’s time to properly take down the countdown timer on my front page now.

Countdown Until My Last Day

Countdown Until My Last Day

I woke up that morning at 6 a.m. just like any other day. Even though I knew it would be my last day, I just felt just like I normally do. I wasn’t excited or sad at all actually. I drove into the office and recorded a couple of videos and pictures so I can remember this place.

The Desk Where I Worked

The Desk Where I Worked

Work was slightly busy during the morning from the orders left over from yesterday but it cleared out by midday. I went to visit a couple of my co-workers who works only half the day and we made small chit-chat.

My good nurse friend there gave me a card that planted a tree in my name because she knew how much I loved nature. I absolutely loved the card!

Tree Planted In Honor

Tree Planted In Honor

I did an exit survey and form to give to my boss, turned-in my time sheet and mileage reimbursement form, and returned the on-call phone and keys.

Around 5 p.m., I said goodbye to all my co-workers and gave them hugs. I left the office one last time knowing that I will never have to be on-call again. That’s what felt the best. No longer will I have to work on the weekends, holidays, or come into the office at ungodly hours.

Leaving my job was completely voluntary and I had told them I was moving to California. The real reason I was leaving was actually to get away from the corporate world of being overworked and not truly living my life. Of course, I wouldn’t mention this out loud.

I took Sean’s advice of after quitting your job, and did absolutely nothing and it felt great! I came home and watched some stand-up comedy and got myself so delicious vegetable mei fun. I later went out with my friend to a tea house to relax. It was a really good evening.

So Where Am I Going Now?

I’m writing this article now at 8 a.m. Saturday morning as I’m recollecting about what happened yesterday and looking forward into the future.

In 3-4 months from now, I want to move to Medellin and start my life as a location rebel. Just this past week, I was actually offered a web designer gig referred to me by an old friend who I have made the language website for. My old language friend also wanted a website for her sister too. I’m equally excited about these opportunities and glad I already have gigs lined up.

I’m continuing to write my articles on Blogmutt which I have scored $80 this month already (invoiced $32 on Oct 15th and soon $48 on Oct 31st)! I also run an eBay store on the side which has been pulling in a couple bucks here and there. The biggest sale this month resulted in $15 of profit! Woohoo!

Blogmutt Invoice

Blogmutt Invoice

I’m truly excited to be able to launch all my passion projects. As you may have read, I bought a Go Pro Hero 5 to make fun videos and start making a personal brand. I’ve got a ton of courses I want to watch and start on.

Let’s not forget I have to move back home on Tuesday, meet with the new website client, cram in some free Spanish lessons with my language teacher before I leave, and catch up with all my friends.

I am also making preparations to leave for Ecuador and California on November 4th, 2016!

What a wild ride it’s going to be in the month of November! Thanks to Location Rebel and my mastermind group for being with me along the way!