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My Resignation Notice

Yesterday, a normal Tuesday, I finally spoke to my boss about leaving the company. Initially, I was approached about taking a state law exam so our company could do business outside of the one we operate in. It’s common in my field for a professional to carry more than one state law license so that the company can do business in other states. Deviating from the original plan of giving my notice later, I was forced to give my answer promptly.

I’ve explained that I did not want to take the exam since I might not be in the area for much longer. I’ve been in town for about 2 years now and it does not seem to fit me. It would not be good to take the exam on the company’s money only to leave shortly after. I imagined that it would take significant time investment much like the one I took for this current state, a minimum period of 3 months.


I agree to work out terms with them that I will depart officially by the end of October. In the meantime, any transition needed will be handled in a seamless manner. If they happen to find a replacement and would like me to leave anytime between now and October, I would be okay with that. That would give me more time to start my online business!

The great news is that a former employee who had left for domestic differences was looking for a job again. She’s already licensed in the state that the company needs and she’s been working her before. This would make the transition absolutely flawless.

So now I’m awaiting the decision about what’s to happen…I just turned in my resignation letter this Thursday afternoon.

Location Rebel

Yesterday was the start of the 48 hour sale at Location Rebel. I was on the fence a while back now about joining due to the price tag. After some deliberation and wanting a surefire path, I signed up. It was not a pretty penny at $497 bucks but I feel that it’s completely worth it for the amount of value that Sean was offering with this 5th year anniversary sale.

A new product Sean Ogle included was The Complete Beginners Guide to Lifestyle Entrepreneurship. It’s an overview course to help see what kind of proverbially waters you would want to swim in. There were tons of other bonuses included as well.

I’m so excited to start because it’s specifically designed for the digital nomad lifestyle I want to pursue and trail-blazed by those who have gone before me. The community also prides itself on being supportive and helpful to its own kind.

I’ve logged in the membership site and saw there were so tons of options going on. It’s going to take some time to digest. I did do an introductory form to establish more familiarity with Sean and will be soon putting an obligatory forum greeting to introduce myself.

Here’s a snapshot of the Dashboard:Location Rebel Dashboard

Ecuador Trip

I’ve only told a couple of friends. I’m planning on a trip to head to Gaia Sagrada in November down in Cuenca, Ecuador. It’s a 12-day retreat with the implementation of healing plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro. Before you get tangled up about the definition of a drug, understand that it’s not a path for everyone. For me, it’s a healing path to help with some of my past issues.

A pot filled with Ayahuasca Brew

As long as I can remember, I’m really good at suppressing and avoiding difficult issues. It’s a mechanism that I’ve become an adept at adapting to my personal life. Though it has helped me get through some hard times, it’s not conducive to opening your heart to others around you. The past 6 months have been heartwarming to say the least. I’ve been connecting with myself and really asking the bigger questions about who I am and want to be with making such dramatic changes in my life.

Somewhere in that, I’ve decided that in order to get into the depth of soul, I would have to shed away a lot of the ego and identities that I might be desperately clinging onto like a matter of life and death. How wonderful is it to know what peace feels like if we can rid ourselves of the inner demons cohabiting in our vessel.

There’s a ton of articles and documentaries about these healing modalities and I sincerely think it demands a brave psychonaut to traverse the landscape of the spirit realm. I am hoping to come out with a deeper understanding of myself, the ability to freely love again, and get more understanding about my path in life.

See the colorful art for this post? It’s from an Ayahuasca documentary I watched and I thought it was really cool.

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