Spirited Travelpreneur

Pharmacist turned digital nomad to travel the world and to live a fearless life. 

Current Location: Medellin, Colombia

Rotterdam (August 2005)

San Francisco (January 2006)

Saigon (May 2006)

Rotterdam (June 2007)

Santa Ana (December 2007)

Destin (August 2011)

Miami (December 2011)

Sacramento (August 2012)

New York City (May 2013)

London (June 2013)

Paris (June 2013)

Florence (June 2013)

Rome (June 2013)

Venice (June 2013)

Munich (June 2013)

Amsterdam (June 2013)

Santa Ana (July 2013)

Waikiki (August 2013)

Montreal (August 2013)

Charleston (September 2014)

Houston (October 2014)

Jacksonville (December 2014)

Amsterdam (August 2015)

Utrecht (August 2015)

Berlin (August 2015)

Hamburg (August 2015)

Florence (September 2015)

Zurich (September 2015)

Lucerne (September 2015)

Interlaken (September 2015)

Lauterbrunnen (September 2015)

Philadelphia (March 2016)

Wengen (September 2015)

Las Vegas (August 2016)

Cuenca (November 2016)

Los Angeles (November 2016)

San Diego (November 2016)

Sacramento (November 2016)

Santa Ana (November 2016)

Santa Monica (November 2016)

Medellin (March 2017)


What’s In My 2017 Travel Bag? [YouTube]

https://youtu.be/lep_tAvWj4Y What's In My Bag for My Trip After having done 2 tours in Europe, I have a pretty good idea of what to pack. I chose to take a backpack and duffel back with me. Check out the technology, clothes, and other accessories I'm packing with me...

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