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I want to share with you some of the resources I’ve personally used and recommend to you. Please feel free to use this page as a useful reference and feel free to bookmark it for quick access. As the blog grows, I will be adding more resources that I come across. Hope they are helpful for you!

Disclosure: Affiliate links are included on some services. They are at NO EXTRA COST to you but you are helping Spirited Travelpreneur when you make a purchase through the links. I personally recommend these because they have made a huge difference for me and not simply for the sole reason of making commissions.



Bluehost is a popular company for good reason. It’s affordable, easy to use, and has excellent support. Compared to other hosting company, I’ve found Bluehost offers a great deal and excellent perks. I’ve already hosted six websites with them and they have not let me down yet. I would really recommend them for anyone wanting to start a new website. Consider a Plus plan if you plan on hosting many websites.

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Elegant Theme’s Divi Framework

Divi Framework is a modern solution that makes website building easy with building blocks and modules. With COMPLETE access to all themes including 87 at this point, EXTENSIVE tutorial section, and UNLIMITED website usage; it’s a phenomenal value for the price. I’ve created more than 3 websites with their product and love it. Coding knowledge is not required but you won’t be limited by CSS either. I hope you have as good of a time as I did.

Try Divi

Website Building

WordPress.com – Great website to start a free blog. Lots of themes and customization. One of the most popular platforms out there.

Namecheap.com – The best place to get domain names. Better than even GoDaddy.

Web Development

Udemy | The Web Developer Bootcamp – My personal favorite course on Udemy. It’s taught by Colt Steele who has taught bootcamps in the past. I love the style of the course and how practical it was taught. Coding can be daunting for a beginner but the instructor knows about this and helps you feel like you’re making improvements every day. Please do not spend $200 on the course, Udemy has sales constantly and you can get this course for $10-15 easily.

Free Code Camp – Another great place to learn to code with free exercises and community. It’s considered a real school which you can list on LinkedIn and helps you get in contact with non-profits after you finish your certifications. However, many people get jobs way before they finish their certifications. Though a little vague on instruction sometimes, it’s still a great resource to get you started.

Codecademy – A very similar learning environment to Free Code Camp. Plenty of exercises and courses for you to sign up on. It’s free and really fun to learn. Instructions are much better but it does not have a large community to interact with others. The best way to learn is to read, apply, and see the results. This is a great place to do just that!

Productivity Solutions

Black Menu from Google – My favorite chrome extension by far. It has skyrocketed by productivity.

LastPass – Can’t recommend this password management software enough.

Pushbullet – I use it to get notifications from my phones whether it’s a text, facebook, or what’s app message. Helps you from having to reach the phone in your bedroom since you can just send messages from your chrome browser on your computer.

Facebook News Feed Eradicator – Gets rid of the news feed so you can focus more on the digital nomad groups.

Hide My Inbox – Automatically hides the inbox, there’s a quick button to view if you need to.

Unroll.me – Helps unsubscribe to all those pesky email subscriptions you’re enrolled in. Seriously, I had 78 which I unsubscribed the first roll.


Google Drive 100GB – For $2 a month, you can get 100GB so you can store all your important files on a cloud. This is a boon for digital nomads who don’t want to carry around an external hard drive. I keep my important documents, music, ebooks, and audiobooks on there. You can even download the desktop app to make your work flow even more fluid.


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