Content Is KingSearch Engine Optimization Basics

SEO was a topic that has eluded me for quite sometime. I understood the basic concept before but clearly did not understand how to increase your website ranking. Either there must be a lot of misconceptions or the depth of information is vast. So I set out to tackle this topic in hopes of improving the websites I’m running.

With my understanding, website rankings are dependent on quality built websites with valuable/unique content, popularity with visitors, and backlinks from well known websites. Long are the days where users were able to simply able to stuff a ton of keywords into a website and rank high on search engines. The systems are now more intuitive and watch everything from how long users stay on a page, how high the quality of the website that links to your website, and even down to how quick your website load.

SEO will appease the queen if you play by her rules. Optimize your site on-site as well as off-site. Title your headers, meta tags properly, and create sitemaps to your website to start with. I did some work over at Talk of The Town Languages to give each site a unique header and gave some alt text to some of the images. Even images are valuable since computers can’t “see” and image so a proper description must be written as well as to show in place on images that don’t display on flip phones (yup, those).

The first step I took was reading Sean Ogle’s How To Become An SEO Freelancer in 48 Hours. I learned a great deal about SEO overall but I know there is still a lot of depth to cover. This will definitely take some more effort but I did make some progress. I became quite weary after reading through 4 big articles:

I’ll admit I enjoy being more creative with website design than doing SEO. However, there are other tools and deeper matters which might be of more intrigue in the future. I keep hearing about popular online tools such as Market Samurai but had not spent quality time with research yet. For now, I will press on.

My progress towards lifestyle nomadism:

I’m meeting a few folks online next week for a mastermind meetup. It’s more of a regular meetup with people I’ve met from a facebook group formed from Tom McSherry of Digital Nomad Empire. Members of Digital Nomad Business Mastermind are involved and respond to threads instead of some of the other facebook groups I’ve came across. I’m hoping to make some new friends and form a lasting mastermind group so I can grow the business.

I am continuing to learn more skills about online web design and keep bumping into new apps or programs. I feel like it detracts sometimes from putting time about make actual money but I feel a rounded education will benefit me in the long run. Not being strapped for cash, I can take some time and explore different online tools and help my other friends as well. I’m also coordinating with my good friend at The Narratives of A.G. Rose to market her stories and poems to her audience.

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