Man Under Boxes

There will be times when life just seems to get in the way. For me, I’ve been moving to a new place. Life feels disconnected and scattered. In efforts to keep with my weekly blogging, I will share what I have been doing related to Spirited Travelpreneur albeit with delay from the normal Monday schedule. I’ve also been working on my Path Notes page, so there’s still much to be done! Also playing around with a green screen so I can do some more video work too!


Have you heard of The Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn? Pat is an entrepreneur who propelled himself into the online business industry after the economy took a nosedive in 2008.

Today, Pat runs multiple online products, a phenomenal podcast, and advice blog. I’m learning a lot right now as well as appreciate his generosity of knowledge. He published a free ebook about e-book creation and a short on e-mail management, both of which I found extremely helpful.

I’ve also completed a 3-podcast series (episode 15,16,17) about 8 ways to build passive income from the ground up. He also has the update version of those podcasts (episodes 192,193,194) which I will be listening through by the end of the week.  Seriously, if you haven’t checked him out yet, you’re missing out.
See SPI podcast 15SPI podcast 16SPI podcast 17
See SPI podcast 192SPI podcast 193SPI podcast 194.

I’ve also been digging with Daiyaan Caan. It’s a new website which Caan teaches you with online video courses to help jumpstart your online business. I’m currently doing the Build a Beautiful Website In Under 60 Minutes class. It’s been great so far since I’m a relative amateur at it.

The videos are easy to follow, pragmatic, and concise. The other two courses available are Create a Bestselling Course and Double Your Productivity; but, there are still more to come.

Thanks Daiyaan, can’t wait to see what’s in store! Unfortunately, sign-up has expired on January 28th, 2016.