Jason Bourne
Article: The Long Term Travel Mindset

What a great article! I feel a majority of the population operate out of fear and scarcity mindset. So in order to change your life, it first starts within you.

As Jason puts it,

“Mindset is a weapon that can be deployed to get anybody wherever they want to go, both in travel and life.”

In my life, I get a lot of criticism about living. People wonder when I will get married, buy a big house, settle down, and so forth. In my eyes, I appreciate the people are trying to look out for me; but, I see the situation completely different when I take a step back. While the sincerity of family/close friends is unquestionable, people are wishing you happiness from their point of view; when in reality, those things might not actually make YOU happy. That’s why these questions must be answered yourself which introduces mindset #1: listening to yourself.

To know what you want and actually getting there can be a great journey, but how will you get there? I will offer some of my productivity hacks that I personally use to get things done in another article <placeholder>. I strongly believe that cultivation of an almost obsessive, perseverance is necessary to achieve great goals. To chip away at your goal everyday takes immense focus that can only be developed through habit. Therefore, mindset #2 is about developing powerful daily habits.

What separates the artist that excel at their craft is not the moment of applause but in the darkest hours when no one was present. I’ll admit I was always one to play it safe since it was institutionalized in our education system. You have to get good grades to be successful and F stands for failure. When in life, some drop-outs have became unparalleled in terms of success. I think long term travel will be the biggest risk I will undertake in my life so far but I know that it is what I truly want. Becoming a risk taker and acting in spite of fear is the lesson of mindset #3.

I have this mindset of having to get educated in a topic before being qualified to become an expert. Sometimes, it’s worth it just to simply get started. Along the learning process, people in tuned with your cause will come into your life and bring about opportunities that never would have happened sitting in a classroom. Therefore, choosing yourself is mindset #4.

Last but not least, mindset #5 is committing. Once you make up your mind, consider it already done. The only person stopping you is YOU. Act with integrity when your faults surface and celebrate your small successes. Simply do what you say you will do.