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Mobile technology is seemingly ubiquitous in every city and almost every venue provides some kind of free Wi-Fi acccess; but, how do you know that your information is encrypted when you’re on these digital public connections?

After reading “Why You Should Start Using VPN” by Lifehacker and with repeated recommendations from other world travelers, I wanted to check out this out for myself. VPNs, or virtual private networks, come in many flavors and pricing plans. Essentially, you are connecting to a group of other computers in a private environment over the internet and your data is encrypted.

An example of this is the pharmacy I work for, which utilizes this type of access to shield sensitive patient information while connected to the office network from home. Many companies & people participate as well since data like financial information, identity, or privacy are easily compromised if they are doing business from a remote location such as the local Starbucks.

I’m convinced, what’s the next step? I did some research an signed up for a free account from Cyberghost. There’s no logging of your data, 15 different exit sites, and no caps on bandwidth. Some other notable ones if you’d like to check out: ProXPN, TorVPN, or OpenVPN. Although recommended, I didn’t particularly like some of the bandwidth caps or information logging policies. If you want to go paid, TorGuard looks very promising and recommended as one of the top 5 VPNs by Lifehacker.

I’ve only begun to use Cyberghost so far but it looks really simple to use. Simply download and set up. I didn’t even have to sign up for an account. Clicked the yellow power button to turn on. There was a little wait time, I was in queue 2768, but it was pretty quick to get on anyways.


Screenshot 2016-01-24 10.00.34 (2)


After it’s all done, I get a little yellow bugger on the task bar with a green check box. They mentioned that you get kicked off after 3 hours but I honestly haven’t had to sit on my laptop that long yet. Worse comes to worse, I could always relog in right?


Screenshot 2016-01-24 10.00.34 (3)


I’m also trying out Betternet and I’ll let you know if it’s any better.
Hope this was helpful for you.