It’s been about 1.5 months since my last post. I’ve been steady at working on my own projects: web development and eDropshipping. I figure I would compose a post once a month and focus more of my efforts to work at those skills.


Web development

4 feature of Free Code CampI found a new found hope at Free Code Camp. It’s a hub for new people learning to code and finding others to pair off with. Compared with Khan Academy, the lessons progress much quicker and go into less detail. It takes what is necessary and rolls with that. The most attractive thing about this website is the certification that will be awarded upon completion of different stacks like front-end, back-end, data visualization, and full stack. It will even hook you up with employers that are looking for full stack developers upon completion. The even more attractive piece is that some “campers” get a job even before they finish their certifications!

Finding this website gave me a renewed vigor to press on and devoting more time to code. Web development is becoming a popular career choice heading into 2020. As we use more and more technology each day, there will be an ever expanding need for people who can communicate with machines. As recommended by much of the people in the digital nomad community, web development is a highly portable and resilient skill to deploy on travels around the world. The only limit will be whether they have a WiFi connection or not.

If you want to get at me, my handle is timh1203 on gitHub.

Free Code Camp Profile


Here’s a quick timeline of what has happened so far along my eDropshipping journey.

  • 4/11/2016 Bought Udemy Course
  • 4/23/2016 Posted 1st five item on Ebay, then posted the max limit of 10 a few days later
  • 5/20/2016 No sales as of today
  • 5/27/2016 A buyer purchased and immediately cancelled an order
  • 5/27/2016 Cancelled order increased my listing limit by 10 more items (20 Max)

Now I’m proud to announce my first sale! My first eDropship sale

It’s been almost 2 months later but I finally got that first sale. It was ordered on late Sunday evening and I didn’t see the emails from eBay and Paypal about an item being sold until I was at work on Monday morning. To my surprise, someone order a spoon from California! It was an anodized lightweight alloy spoon used for backpacking; but, it’s a spoon nonetheless.

I was excited about it and went through the notes I was took from the course to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I reviewed it and later ordered it from my source that evening. Not only did I got some cash back from my source but also used my travel credit card to bank some mileage points. I LOVE dropshipping!

To top it all off, I got my limit raised to 30 items for my listings! I was hopeless as to whether this project would actually take off but now this has given me more motivation to proceed. Though I made only about $2.33 off the sale, it’s a small victory that was a necessary step.


On June 18th evening, I was hanging out at a local bar with some friends when I received a notification that I had made the sale. I was so excited and told my friends right away. I made $3.24 off the transaction and $0.68 from my coupon website for a total of $3.92 whole transaction! It’s another WIN!

A Receipt of 2nd eDropship Sale


My progress towards lifestyle nomadism:

I have not lost motivation to writing on the blog but simply putting more time into my projects. As I’m approaching closer to launch date, I’ve realize that the time placed into projects is a more efficient use of time. As such, I have not written as much.

I’ve looked at my finances recently and have noticed that I can most likely cut off 2 more months off my plans to quit my 9-5. Putting everything on Mint has helped me realized that I do have assets like a car I can sell to assist in paying off my loans.

I still plan to have savings so I can have a cushion when I start. At least $5,000 minimum but I’m aiming for $10,000. That will give me options of either traveling for a couple months or starting on online business. This is the freedom that I’m so excited about!

Due to sales in the recent week, I plan to go over the eDropshipping course to see what I might have missed.

Some cool things I’ve seen:

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is an amazing environment! There are lessons, chatrooms, and clear path to help you landing jobs!

SANDEMANs New Europe

How cool is it to go on free tours in a new city? This site links you up with tour guides who works for tips.

Google Analytics Academy

Learn about analytics on line for free! Definitely will be my next project.