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Writing News

I applied for Scripted 2 weeks ago but unfortunately got rejected. It was difficult with the two 40-minute articles I had to write within guidelines. I’m not the greatest when it comes to writing so I needed that extra time to plan out my post. Unfortunately, my awkward sentence structures and grammatical errors disqualified me from the position per the rejection email I received. I’m not hurt at all since I probably didn’t want to work for a company like that. I’m looking for easy writing gigs to get me quick money and build some kind of credibility or experience like Blogmutt.

In other news, I got accepted to Writer Access, another popular writing platform. I’m going to start applying for more casting calls to this and hopefully get some gigs soon. At the advice of my mastermind mate, he recommends I start applying on Upwork.┬áI’m hoping to get a gig on there and start contributing to my fun money for next year. He had a great idea of just using my savings for living expenses and food but any other amounts must be earned if I want to have fun. I think this is a very smart idea.

I’ll continue to write more articles on Blogmutt this week as well. I’ve sold 2 articles last week already so I’m pretty stoked. Let’s see how everything goes next week.

Travel Hacking Presentation by Chris Guillebeau

I’m excited for this free and pitchless presentation later tonight. It’s going to be about new travel hacking opportunities presented by Chris Guillebeau. I’ve signed up for it and let’s see what I can pick up from it. The link for sign up is here.

There’s been a lot of changes lately due to the release of the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I’m projecting that this presentation will be a lot about the new card and also consolidating existing cards. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Mastermind Meet Nine

We had a really productive meet last night. My group and I are mainly working with Blogmutt and Writer Access. We are trying to advance on the platform so we can reach higher paying gigs.

Another topic we spoke about was branding. One of our members was deciding to work on her brand with essential oils. She’s working on a 30-day challenge to post daily. I’m following her at #liveandbebetterwithoils. I am also following Lori on her personal brand #liveandbebetter.

I’m aiming also to brand myself as well in the near future. I don’t have a specific direction right now other than travel, wellness, relationships, and outdoor adventure. Planning to check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast about the┬áimportance of branding and then go through his Udemy Course on Building A Personal Brand on which I’ve purchased a while back.



Some cool things I’ve seen:

How to Create Brain-Craving Content in 5 Easy Steps

I attended this really cool seminar with Writer Access to learn how to create more appealing content!

Benny Lewis on Language Hacking

I really enjoyed this talk about language hacking! Keeping things simple and not being afraid to embarrass yourself is key!

Italki: Learn A Language

Just picked up this website from Benny Lewis’ talk, definitely going to check this out to learn Spanish!