General NewsLight at the end of the tunnel

With less than 1.5 months to go, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With over 8 days of vacation left, I’m weaving them in to have 3 day weekends and a break in the middle of the week. It’s essentially like work only part time but getting paid full time! How cool is that!?

I’ve taken the time off to reflect and build my business. It feels like a whole new world again to be wandering around during the day when everyone is at work. It feels oddly satisfying as I’m sticking it to “the man.”

I’ve used the time to wake up slowly and exercise in the morning. I meditate for a little bit to help set the relaxed pace for the hours of freedom. I’m telling you that the sunlight even FEELS different when you’re free.

Even though I’m setting an almost tortoise pace, I remain steadfast to my projects and business. I used the time to continue listing on eBay and writing SEO articles. I know that little bricks build a big house, so I must lay pieces each day to make something great!

eBay Dropshipping News

Things were looking good for Mr. Brightside for a little bit of time with a sale trickling in every couple of weeks. The excitement of receiving a sale on your e-mail when you’re off doing something random like hiking or on the commute home from work is really cool….until things start stacking against your favor. Arguably, the decision would be to fight harder but there was doubt looming in my consciousness.

The first event was a sale for a customer located in Japan. With eBay, they have a global shipping program which will work out all the taxes and tariffs for you when you ship outside of the states. However, it was further complicated when you have to ship to a distribution center in Kentucky. With an abnormally long address and suite number combined with a reference number which was just as long…it can spell certain disaster.

Though the supplier I usually ordered from usually falls through for addresses in the states, it didn’t follow through for me in this case. The antiquated system was explained to me later when I was troubleshooting the situation for about an hour on the phone. The representative told me that the address was truncated and chopped off the reference number, the very piece that helps the Kentucky distribution center needed to direct the package to Japan.

I had long talks with eBay, the carrier, and my supplier about the situation. I couldn’t add-on the reference number nor call the Kentucky distribution center since they don’t have a customer support team there.

The only solution was to have the item shipped back to my supplier and then sending out a new package with the reference number.

A part of me wanted to persevere and keep selling globally even after an incident like this. I felt it was a challenge worthy of me for the next global item I sell. So I persisted until today…

Ebay stripped almost 20 of my items today from the store because of copyright infringement on the pictures. I source my items from an outdoor adventure online store and used one particular brand for a large portion of my listings.

I just about had enough of all these incidents and restrictions. I did anticipate these hurdles as I was coming into the business but it was more trouble than it’s worth in my humble opinion. To date, I have made about $55 from my eBay store but invested a significant amount of time listing to what was 92 items if you average out about 8 minutes for an item.

At this point in my adventure, I have decided to put this venture on hold. Though I might revisit in the future, this endeavor has not proved as fruitful.

I am now placing priority on my writing and web development skills…

Writing Venture News

At the current time, I have made $16 dollars in writing SEO articles. This resulted from submission of 7 total articles, 2 accepted, and 1 rejected. Though I am in the process of applying for other writing platforms in the future, I do feel writing usually takes a lot longer for me than the professionals. What might take someone half an hour, I spend a grueling 45-50 minutes crafting each word and sentence.

I feel my speed will increase with time if I remain vigilant…

A stroke of luck today came about when I was offered a gig of 10-12 articles for $10 each. I decided to test my perseverance by accepting this gig. So for tomorrow, I am hoping to write 3-4 articles minimum. The next day will be a repeat scenario.

Path Notes

I have decided to invest more time in writing my path notes as well. If you’re not familiar, this is my guide for myself for when I decide to launch off as a digital nomad. If I have learned anything in life, it’s that good luck comes about from preparation and perseverance.

The notes will cover some of my personal story, concepts about the lifestyle, gear, checklist, and many other sections. I think I’ll keep it in a format where each section will be a blog post. This will help keep me accountable to write each week and having one primary place for future updates.

I have already been working on this project for a while but decided to put it on hold so I could work on my business. I feel now that I want to at least finish each section completely or the whole project should I prove ambitious enough. Quite honestly, I feel unsatisfied with doing things halfway. I have already begun to revamp the section which will replace the getting started section. Learning and using specific Divi modules are challenging but not impossible. I know it’s just a matter of time until I figure it out.

Look out for each section to have its own blog post. There won’t be any of the cool stuff I’ve seen this week section that I’ve been adding with regular postings.

In the future, I want to add a collection of posts to be under Nomad Hotspots to help people find places where they might want to go by giving a general overview…perhaps even personal experiences once I get there.


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