Why Do We Travel?

Traveling tests our comfort and helps us grow. On the surface, it is a series of pretty pictures and wonderful stories we dress up to share with our friends. Underneath it all, we all seek excitement and experiences. To be able to wake up in a new place unlike our permanent home offers an opportunity to disengage from the banality of routines. We’ll walk, talk, and feel just a little bit differently coming down that new street or avenue. Traveling can be one or many of these things to those who venture forth into unknown locales.

We Travel To Find Ourselves

Underneath it all, we all yearn to seek excitement and grow in experiences.

Making pizza and gelato in Italy!

 To Rediscover Beauty

From trips in the US, Europe, Canada, and Southeast Asia, I’ve learn to appreciate the beauty all around the word. Often, I hear on the news that traveling is only for the rich and grand experiences are expensive. As I walk through these countries, I realized that you don’t really need a whole lot. Being on the ground level helps one see how to travel wisely compared to reading or planning it on the web.

One experience that stuck with me was watching a food stand being peddled through the streets of Vietnam by a woman selling Vietnamese Fried Rice Flour Cake. The mother was happy and delightful to share with us her gift of a wonderful dish despite not having all the same American lifestyle or money. The lesson was that you don’t have to travel lavishly to see wonders. If you were to travel on foot and have a keen eye for beauty in an impoverished country, maybe you can see it too.

To Lose Ourselves And Find Who We Are Again

It’s easy to forget our true, intrinsic happy nature of curiosity. When we were young, nothing excites us more than to try anything and everything without hindrance from our egos or biases. Somewhere along the way, we lost touch with our inner depths as we are were propelled into the information age riddled with advertisements and subliminal messaging.

Walking in Switzerland's Ice Palace

I find that we are all the same; with the same collection of happiness, failures, and dreams.

I started to see nature of reality as I packed everything in my rucksack and hiked into the woods with friends. The unveiling of this fog compounded with the extirpation of television helped me to break free. In the woods, there is only your mind, spirit, and modest silence of nature. I found that I was completely happy to have everything I need on my back and to bond with my friends. Somewhere in the Shenandoah National Park, the crushed egotistical self was left abandoned to seek escape from this maze of the mountains. I am positive and comfortable that it will never come back.

Rewind to my traveling days in Europe when I shared beautiful conversations with other travelers. Kindred souls separated by world distances brought together again through the serendipitous moments of time and location. Understanding their world helped me rediscover my own with a new viewpoint on life. I find that we are all the same; with the same collection of happiness, failures, and dreams. With no judgement or pressure to conform, we are free to be 100% ourselves and can constantly reinvent if we choose into someone who’s better, faster, stronger, or smarter.

To Run Towards Life Instead Of Running From Reality

I haven’t told many people in my life about my plans to become nomadic. Even the mere hint of wanting to change careers are shunned with negative speak of incredulous tones and pre-ordained, absolute failure. So I choose to nurture my dreams within myself and sharing with those only willing to listen. As a plant grows quickest in darkness, I will harbor my dreams in my heart and mind and shower it with focus and protect it from external forces.

I think that most believe I’m running away from an unpleasant reality or being chained to work 9-5 day in and day out. This is partially true but I see it from an additional perspective. As you may know, I work in the medical field. Sometimes I get a fax or phone call about a patient passing away. To me, there is no attachment or feelings since I don’t know them at all and never have met them in person. That’s why there are wonderful people in hospice to help patients go through these tough times. Quite frankly, it’s just another name and pronounced hour of expiration to me. Somewhere in this, I realize the brevity of how life can truly be.

Maybe that person lived an awesome life or one that barely measured up, but I don’t know any of that. All I know is my own life and something I have influence on. I think as people get closer to death, they cling dearly onto life, but I wonder why you would have to even have those sudden experiences to realize that. Can one not simply contemplate about this and arrive at the decision that life is too beautiful to be wasted on Netflix, government, or unceasing self-medication?

Standing at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany

My progress towards lifestyle nomadism:

This was one of those weeks where nothing much has happened. I continue to work on my blog and learn more about becoming nomadic. I continue to learn more about online business and working on lead pages right now to convert. More specifically, to sell my friend’s ebook and publish events for my language client.

On my own time, I’m continuing to learn code at Khan Academy. I love the tutorials there and they make me feel like I’m going at a good pace. I try to do about 4 video tutorials a day so the information can sink in. The other part is trying to do them every day so the information is fresh in my head. Soon, I think I will have finished all the coding lessons at Khan Academy and moving on to Codecademy.

I continue to have weekly mastermind meetings with folks on facebook. We explore new ideas and assist each other in solutions for our sticking points. I’m currently working on my google e-book and email letters for my email campaign.

Some cool things I’ve seen this past week:

Divi Logo for Version 2.7

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People walking up stairs

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Divi Logo for Version 2.7

Divi 2.7 Has Arrived!

Divi 2.7 has released! I’m super excited about Divi Leads Split Testing System, Improved Portability, and other new features. I know you are just as excited as I am.